viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Yo quiero un Sandía

Cuadernos Sandía anillados y hechos a mano con papeles antiguos.

Los esperamos en Boulevard Sáenz Peña 1400, Primero Piso, Tigre.
Miércoles a sábados de 10:30 a 19hs.
Respondemos consultas en el mail

Muy buen día.

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karine dijo...


It’s frustrating when people (one of my 800 chronic silent readers (in 15 days)copy your blog post or image and pass it off as their own. No thank you, no credit, no linkback.
So my journey ends here! But see below what I had written about you guys!

"Tigre has changed quite a lot since my last visit! I found an area that had a (more) distinctive character, sparky, community spirit and keen sense of localism.".......
This place below is a must pop in and see! "*Tienda del Boulevard"-Blvd Saenz Pena 1400.
This cool boutique has art, books and a restaurant in a stunning old house!
*I was really exciiited to visit Boulevard Saenz Pena on my recent trip to Buenos Aires after discovering their blog on internet a few years ago…
-Then I had posted some pics & some comments -see below-
1)(&) You can eat and shop all under one roof!
2)A treasure trove of delights, includingvintagehomeware/furniture,quirky gifts, etc.
3)I wanted to buy a truckload of their stuff to take home, but had to content myself with only a beautiful soda syphon bottle!
4)I also like this quirky place for another reason: *everything is "all" up for sale!!
*The furniture and interior design of the shop/restaurant& even the patio.
If you pop over the road you can shop for one-off clothing pieces, accessorizes( like my clutch below!)@ Lucila Negri (and you can watch her at work!)
I really love Tigre. It has a certain laid-back otherness about it.

1999 that was the year when I first clapped my eyes on Buenos Aires and on an handsome Argentinian man!! :)
Each time I visit Buenos Aires, I'm enchanted with its sights and smells and sounds - one of the real pleasure of travel!

So has the charm/allure of Buenos Aires slowly seeped over you?


Karine (the impulsive)

Tienda del Boulevard dijo...

Thank you so much for such a lovely text on us :) You are the best Karine! And enjoy blogging, no matter what they do, it's their karma business anyway ;)


karine dijo...

Hola Vero!

Hmm?! I think I'm done!...but will continue to follow your blog! :) Keep the good work!

Y gracias a vos Vero por la buena onda!


Tienda del Boulevard dijo...

:) muchas gracias Karine :)